"Sthira, Sukha" - strong, alert, yet at ease




I really enjoy Silvie’s classes and she|is one of the best instructors I’ve taken so far! She teaches her classes w/ a sense of style, good flow and it’s
never the same routine. Silvie makes her classes both fun (w/ her sense of humor) and challenging. She explains the moves thoroughly, makes corrections to your posses
(so that they are pristine), teaches breathing techniques and assists in building your core strength.Leaving her class, I feel more
relaxed and energized!!And knowing that I left w/ an awesome workout!...I highly recommend Silvie’s classes to all
of my friends! For those who aren’t so keen to "A typical yoga class" …this is one you won’t want to pass up!! Martha Wong

I create the yoga contenct for a mobile app "Workout Trainer" by Skimble